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HELP...What do I buy...?

Dear gentlmen/ladies of this forum,

First of all I beg your indulgence for the most probably stupid questions I am about to ask. I am a 37 yo photographer that has been away from this sport for almost two decades and now finally find I have time to indulge a childhood passion.
Firstly I would like to mention that I now live in Tokyo, Japan. Having lived in England for my formative years, where I flew glowplug (not sure if thats too antiquated a term these days) engined 3 channel planes for a while. I have always thought that gliders were a far greater flying experience than my sometimes scarily short powered attempts in my youth...I do remember build and repair time were 90% of the eqation when it came to my flying abilities.
Having gone shopping with my girlfriend to a department store and seeing a 2m RC glider for sale I enquired as to the cost and was suprised at the price (cheaper than I would have expected). So with that "got to have" knot in my stomach I started my research on the web...came to this as much as I could and deceided that I need better informed minds to inform me as to the direction I now need to be heading in.
From what I have seen..(200MB plus of down loaded video clips which have kept me glued to my computer screen) I have deceided that an electric powered glider is the way to go. I would like any help as to what I should get...the problem being I will need to learn to fly again and that will involve the purchase of a trainer and then a real glider to actually do some flying with.

1.) I think the purchase of a good radio from the begining is almost compulsory and so advice on the standards that are useable in Japan (AM,FM or PCM) and also which models are considered worth while for long term use and compliance.

2.) A RTF electric plane to hone my basic skills upon.

3.)A more advanced ARTF to keep me grinning like a kid after my breaking (I hope thats not going to be literal) period on the trainer.

I hope those a spacific enough questions, any and all advice is welcome at the moment as I am confused as to how I should proceed from this point. The ARTF that captured my eye and still looks appealing is the Kelly, this is mostly due to the fact that 2m plus craft would probably be impracticle considering where I am.

My thanks in advance.

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