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More thoughts,
How about the possibility of drop shipping? It would be easier for many small businesses to start selling foam in the US through drop shipment. (Ship directly from the Mfg) It seems silly that there is not a comparable American product to compete with Depron that comes all the way from Europe.

Typical foam bundles from Menards, HD, and Allied is about $37-$50 if we can hit that price then there would be no reason to shop at the big box stores and depron would be a notion of the past in the US. Rc foam seems to be a goog depron source in the states, and the white 6mm AREO stuff is 20 Sheets at 30"x48" for $235.00. That’s too steep for making models for myself, waves are fine for my build style, but to sell kits, customers really do not want wavy foam with print on it…

$1 sheet is a no brainer, lets buy a ton!
$3 / sheet is about my personal limit for building for myself (I don’t mind the waves)
Up to $6 / sheet is very reasonable for making kits
$12 / sheet would be harder to sell and hard to buy in any reasonable quantity... but seems to be market value for European depron.

For what it’s worth, whenever I find the good pink stuff on sale for $37, I typically buy 2-4 bundles. I love for that stuff to be without the skin, without the perfs, and without the print.
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