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has it finished uploading completely? the link exists before the video is completely converted. it takes a little while for youtube to convert a video (sometimes half hour or so).

EDIT: doesnt matter anymore. wow, i type super slow

i was out today with the Polaris for the first time since BSoAZ. Hugh was out too with his. we had a great time. the conditions were not great, wind was blowing about 10-13mph but there was plenty of lift. i was experimenting with how far i could range and realized that with my Polaris empty at just shy of 10oz, my comfort zone was much farther than the range at which the Polaris was able to return. i came up short more than i wanted, but not by a huge amount, maybe about 10% short. i added about 30gr of ballast and was much happier with the results. the plane could travel about 20% farther upwind than empty and the climb rate was not hindered at all. i was pretty happy with it but learned that this plane likes ballast before i generally would add it. just another dimension i need to explore.

Mattias, Jonas, and Jonas, when are you guys adding ballast and how much? i know that ballast is more a function of the thermal activity than wind, but assuming the lift is still there, when do you add ballast and how much do you add? the heavy layup would have been a good idea today. i want one of those. i saw and felt my wing flex more than i wanted today. i didnt feel confident unloading on launch today.

what is the fabric you use for the light and heavy layup?
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