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Devices that keep a seaplane from tipping over that are attached to the fuse are always called sponsons. Devices attached to the wing are more commonly called tip floats, but a few folks do call them sponsons as well.

Sponsons work well when properly sized, but do not scale down to smaller sizes well. Most models of seaplanes with sponsons greatly benefit from sponsons larger than scale.

As long as the LED strips are flush to the surface and the wing airfoil is not changed, they ought to be ok. Rmember, this model does not have much wing area. Much better to not add any excess weight and to not affect the airfoil. Personally, I would do scale like LEDS as landing and position lights. I would NOT add stips of LEDs to the outer surface of the wing....they act like spoilers and have a negative impact on performance on small models with small wing areas.

The decals can off with no heat needed (heat is usually bad on a foam model). I used a new exacto number 11 blade to lift one corner of the decal, then carefully peeled it back on itself. Left nearly no adhesive on the model and what little there was was easily removed with a bit of Bestine (rubber cement thinner). I have also used CA accellerator for the same purpose.

Have not yet measured for the largest possible prop...will do so later. I have never found three bladed props to live up to the promise of better performance over two pladed props, at model sizes and RPMS.

A higher Kv motor and the proper matching two bladed prop will greatly outperform the stock motor and three bladed prop.
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