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Email disclaimers like that are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

I don't understand why people even use these. Especially when they come at the END of an email. Do a quick search about how email disclaimers are unenforceable and you'll see what I mean. I guess people put them in to feel safe; from what I do not know. I guess since email is sent in plaintext through various servers, some companies are concerned about corporate espionage and the like. Beats the hell out of me.

Anyway. While I sympathize with the OP I don't see how you can ask the maker for any kind of help since you didn't build the aircraft? By your own admission you bought it used, and any warranty ended when the model was assembled?

It sucks. I know. I bought a used airframe and it crashed on the first flight over the summer. There was nothing I could do about it and had to chalk it up to a loss. Now I will only fly something that has been checked from tip to tail, top to bottom twice - or more and every conceivable precaution has been taken.
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