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I think it's worth adding a link back to the older thread, for reference, which was meant to be for the bigger 1.38m NFD Models version, if I understand it correctly, but also covered a larger model, and mentions a smaller one, which may be the same one HobbyKing are now selling:

I've only looked at that thread briefly. I got a bit confused by it as there were discussions of at least three different models going on. It's much better to have a separate thread for this one, so thanks, Thomas, for starting one.

I ordered one a couple of days ago. I'm looking forward to getting it, but I guess I'll be waiting a few weeks.

The problem as I see it with the motor is that there won't be any leeway to change the prop to get more power, or even the same power, since it's a three blader of a very odd size - 7.5" x 6". Three bladed props are fairly hard to find anyway, but that one's clearly been made specially, and presumably there isn't any room for a bigger one.

Although having a 3 bladed prop is a scale detail, I'd rather have a 2 blade prop for efficiency, but that would mean having a higher Kv motor to get the same performance.

I'll be interested to hear what the maximum prop size is (presumably 7.5"?) and how easy it is to change the motor. I'll still try to fly it stock first though.

Incidentally, they have these in the European warehouse, in Germany too, though I ordered mine from the international one because they were out of stock (still are), plus I wanted some other stuff, and the free boat hull that they tempted me with as the daily freebie offer.

I've no idea if that offer is still on - things just got offered at random times while I was looking at things on HKs site.
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