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I have a new 5-weeks old baby bird, now learning to fly well. Since I also helped feed him from birth, and perhaps from watching & feeling his parents' reaction to my 5888s, he is very comfortable with me zooming one around the room, sometimes close to him! Of course I let an unpowered slowing-down blade harmlessly whack him a time or two so that he "got" that the blades are harder than birds' wings or feathers!

He is not stupid and has already started to imitate the 5888 sounds!

Precisely because these [as I've adjusted them!] are SO controllable and fast and agile [compared to the entry-level S107-types, etc.], I find them wonderful for teaching flight commands like "Come!", "Go, Go!", "up", "down", "left" and "right".

OK, Kiki [the bird] can't fly backwards, but he can almost hover briefly ..... and he does enjoy watching it. Luckily he has not yet found out his wild & crazy mother's trick of knocking one down with a powerful downdraft from a close high-speed overflight pass!

Well, I seem to have finally convinced him NOT to fight with the helis! He was getting a bit too instinctively "Macho", but "Discretion IS the better part of valor!".

OK, he did buzz one of my Silverlit TandemZ-1s while it was in the air, but hopefully he's now happy to only watch them. More safe, MUCH more safe, he now flies around with a special indoor thin-foam super lightweight plane with highly cambered wings and cambered balsa blades. And, even more fun for BOTH of us, he flies in close formation with a thread-tethered Budgie-looking green, yellow & blue paper "bird" airplane I made. I can control its flight, and we link up as he flies closely behind or outboard or inboard of it. If he starts to circle in the wrong direction, he's figured out to reverse his circle and join up. AND he's learned (the almost VERY hard way) to avoid the yellow thread!

Depending on what happens in flight, he'll continue to spiral inward along the tether-thread radius and land on my hand, or zoom off, land and rest. He's still a baby, so his feathers and flying ability are not yet fully developed and he tires.

Nonetheless, he still LOVES the 5888 action, but has now decided to focus on the Tx, landing on it and trying to do what I'm doing (he does the same thing with my mobile phone, trying to push the keys, very funny but annoying as I SMS .... and he can't even spell!). Like his very smart mother, Star, he identifies more with humans than animals & objects > one day when I took her for a mtn-bike ride in a special Transport Box [she's wild & crazy, and I don't trust HER outside], a woman was feeding some gulls, throwing pieces of bread up for them to catch "on the wing". Then the woman put a piece of bread in the box for Star. Star immediately ripped the bread into little pieces and started threowing them upwards, identifying with and copying the woman, obviously ALSO wanting to feed/play with the gulls!


bird trainer, much lighter & thus "safer" than normal COAXs >
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