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Buyer Beware - Extreme Flight RC poor customer service

I am posting this as a service to anyone owning an Extreme Flight MXS-EXP ARF or any other Extreme Flight aircraft. You need to make sure you put Blue Loctite on all of the linkage bolts even though it is not mentioned in the manual. I lost a plane yesterday on the second fight because the elevator bolt just fell out. Don't call Extreme Flight to complain unless you wanted to be treated like crap. They will basically tell you that you are not a good enough builder and that is why if failed. Here is my story and the responce I got. I would love to hear your comments on who you think was right.

On a side note: Has anyone spoken to a Curtis Cozier at Extreme Flight, he was very rude and wanted to know if anyone else had a similar experience or if I just caught him on a bad day. Also I am tring to get ahold of the owner "Chris", does anyone have his email address? Curtis told me he forward my complaint on but I don't really believe it.

My Initial Email

> Customer Service
> My name is Doug Schaefer and I recently purchased a 48 inch MXS EXP,
> (the new one in Blue) from a guy on craigslist. The plane was just
> put together and never flown before I got it. I flew it the other day
> for the first time and what a plane, super light, very responsive, I
> was very impressed with its performance. I went out this morning on
> my way to work and flew it again and again it flew great until about 9
> minutes in. I was practicing a knife edge at about 60ft, when the
> plane just turned and started heading right for the ground. It felt
> like I had lost complete contact with the plane. It went in nose
> first hard enough to split the lipo pack in two. When I got to the
> plane I did some initial investigation but it was too hard to tell
> what went wronge. I thought about it all day at work, I have had the
> receiver for some time and it has always been reliable, the batteries
> are new, I did not setup the speed control so I suspected it at first.
> I just got home a little while ago and had a chace to start breaking
> down the plane. I tested the receiver, motor, and ESC and they all
> worked fine. I started to see if I could salvage the plane because the
> wings have just two dents and the tail section is not even scratched.
> Then I figured it out, while cutting off some loose monokote from the
> tail I noticed the linkage on the elevator was not collected. The
> entire bolt was gone and the control horn was in perfect condition. I
> had checked all of the linkages when I was setting up my radio and
> they where all fine. I would say that without a dought the assemble
> came apart and fell out after two flights. I decided to look up your
> instructions to make sure the builder did not miss something. The
> instructions say "Thread the ball links onto each end of the pushrods
> and secure to the servo arm and control horn with the 2 mm hardware as
> shown in the picture." and this was done properly.
> Here is my complaint, I went through this plane with a fine tooth comb
> since I did not build it. I even looked through the manual and I felt
> that the builder did a near perfect job per your instructions. The
> problem is that your instructions are wronge. The instructions fail
> to mention that Loctite should be applied on these type of connections
> because they are not locking nuts. The connection lasted for about 20
> minutes before it fell out. I have had wrecks in the past and will
> have wrecks in the future but this one is really bothering me. What
> bothers me the most is that you mention that Loctite is required for
> build. You want the builder to put it on two items the landing gear
> and the motor mount, if the instructions just said to put it on the
> linkages I would not be in this position.
> I would like to talk to someone in customer service, please call me on
> my cell phone when you get a chance.
> I attached a few photos of the wreck for you to see.
> Thank you,
> Doug Schaefer

Extreme Flights Responce

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 9:29 AM, Extreme Flight R/C <> wrote:
> Thanks for contacting us. Our airframes are designed for intermediate to
> advanced builders and pilots.
> There is just no way we can cover every nuance of a build in our manual.
> There are things that are up to the experience and knowledge of the builder.
> Also any airframe can require regular inspection and maintenance.
> Thank you,
> Curtis Cozier
> 770-887-1794
> Extreme Flight R/C
> This e-mail, and any attachments thereto, is intended only for use by the
> addressee(s) named herein and may contain privileged and/or confidential
> information. You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution,
> printing or copying of this e-mail, and any attachment thereto, is strictly
> prohibited.

My Complaint to the BBB which they are not accredited with.

I purchased a RC airplane (48 inch MXS EXP) from them and a part failed on the second flight. The control linkage on the elevator fell off causing the plane to crash. The cause is that the part probably should have had loctite on it. I went through the manual and it never mentions loctite on these parts although it does on several other parts of the build process. I wrote the company an email stating what happened and what caused the failure and asked them to call me to discuss further. Here is the responce I got back.
"Thanks for contacting us. Our airframes are designed for intermediate to advanced builders and pilots.
There is just no way we can cover every nuance of a build in our manual.
There are things that are up to the experience and knowledge of the builder. Also any airframe can require regular inspection and maintenance."
I was a little offended by the response since he did not know anything about my experience as a pilot or builder, so I called. Curtis answers and was immediately harsh and not very friendly. I told him I was a little offended by his response. My first question was if you expect your customer to be knowledgeable why even give them a manual? His response was that it was to cover minor details. I asked why you would want to cover little details when you told me I was suppose to just know to put loctite on that part? He said you are correct we will just stop putting manuals with our product, (in a very smart tone). I asked if he would send that to me in writing. He said no and the conversation went on like this for about 15 minutes. Not once did he ever apologize for my poor experience with their product, in fact he only got more unfriendly and so did I.

In the end I told him that my purpose of the contact was to try and better their products so this did not happen to other customers and he told me that they never had complaints before. This push me over the edge and I called him some inappropriate names and we hung up.

In summary Extreme Flight products do fly good but don’t expect good customer service if the product fails.

(Correction sent to the BBB - I need to make one small adjustment to the claim, I did not purchase
this item directly, I purchased it from a guy on craigslist who built
the plane and then sold it to me.)
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