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Hi everybody!

I wanted to get subscribed and also talk about my idea.

I am planning on a tilt rotor project but it wont be a folding wing, rather than a folding nacelle, like the osprey (the idea is after small tests to get as close to the osprey look as possible)

I plan on having 2 digital servos on each nacelle controlling their movement. I will not have any flybar but a direct attachment of the prop to the motor like an airplane.

In Heli mode,
Pitch will be achieved by minor forward movement of the nacelles,
Yaw will be achieved by opposite directional movement of the nacelles,
Roll will be achieved by speed differential between motors,

I am aware that the Roll control will create "Yaw" torque, for which I plan on putting two separate gyros for each nacelles, (since they are 2 different channels) which will counter this with necessary yaw control. I hope to find a way to minimize the gyro effect (or even totally shut it off) when the I am in airplane mode.

Airplane mode controls are as usual.

Its a little complicated. I could get the controls set up on my Turnigy 9x. (With a better transmitter should be way more convenient.) I also know it will probably be heavier so I am still trying to figure out if 2s is good enough for it or should I be going 3s.

What do you guys think about it? How many watts do you think is enough for a project like this?

Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work!!

-I just realized it has been a few months since the last post, I hope i am not too late.-
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