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Interesting, thanks for posting.

1. Looks like the Re would be fairly high ... no way to tell definitively because no dimensions are provided regarding the length of the 'foil. I would say that based on the cartoon the section tested would be about the chord length of a Cessna type aircraft.

2. There are numerous mentions of a lower L/D ratio but improved stall performance. This is where it gets hairy for larger airplanes, they are looking for better L/D at cruise - the only place they care about stall performance is takeoff and landing. If you could make a variable geometry wing that could incorporate the step (that is the same weight or less than current flap/slat/spoiler configurations) then maybe Boeing would be interested.

3. The comparison does not illustrate performance when compared to wings/foils with high lift devices (flaps/slats). You posted one earlier but it does not show a KFm that also has high lift deevices. Could be an avenue for exploration ... problem would be that the L/D is not so great, so I'd think if you'd want a step, it would have to be variable geometry.

4. No explanation of the tests made to generate the L/D graphs.
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