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Originally Posted by Dickeroo View Post
I would like to point out that the wind tunnel testing that was done many years ago was totally incorrect.
I doubt that the NASA results were 'incorrect' as such. I'd be reasonably sure that they were accurate and 'correct' for the actual airfoil they tested under the conditions they tested it at.
ok they tested a pointed nose airfoil which was by conventional thinking was sure to produce bad results at subsonic speeds, but they copied the shape direct from the patent document, which i understand was based on the airfoil used on your vary famous paper plane, so it's easy to understand why they went with that shape.

I think this comes back to the point i made earlier; unless someone comes up with definitive coordinates of what each KFm airfoil actually is then test results of any type are always going to be highly variable.


Please note.. no criticism of anyone or any airfoil implied in above (or previous) post
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