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Ok today ive tried to mod the fan using the temp control and it worked but only for 2 seconds untill it realised that its running way too low of a fan speed..which darren & JJ had stated earlier so no go on the temp control
so for now the 10ohm resistor system works..

Intrestingly i was looking at some other fans that size and stumbled across some sunon fan specs which can shed some light on how the mother board sees rpm that generates cetain frequency or pulse

The white wire is the signal wire or tach wire/ according to the tech guy from digikey whom i had called to verify about the fans He did say its not colour specific.

there are 2 kinds one for rpm(tach) and something about locked type cannot remember right now anyways heres some info

check out page 6 on the specs sheet

Alright Darren i would be intrested in the PWM Emulator/Generator ...

and more stuff to look at...I am not saying that this will work but give us a general idea of how these fans work etc..

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