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who put that tree there
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[QUOTE=VoyagerXll;19872057]Thanks Dazza

I went back to see your rendition of the "Wot Now"...... Cool wings on yours. How does it turn with the wing you used?
I have enough problems flying when it gets towards dusk, I tend to loose orientation, so do not think flying with lights in the dark would work for me.

The emax 2822 w/ 9x5 prop gives me all the power I need. I went out this morning to fly mine but before I got coffee finished and plane ready the wind was starting to blow I flew it for about 4 minutes. It was pretty gusty and the plane was getting buffeted quite a bit so decided to land and wait for a calmer day................sure did not want to crash it so early in its life.

My nephew saw mine flying yesterday and said that he is going to build one too.

it turns surprising well put ailerons 2 thirds wing length from fuze outward best way could get enough control..
im new to the night flying had 3 flights finding it pretty easy using red n blue strip on top and green underneath orientation a lot easier..shall get a vid if i can find another looney to stand n film it in the cold..brrrrrrrr
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