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Originally Posted by xx29l9 View Post
Well...I hope the scale hull performs close to the 1:1 hull. I think I should be able to hit 15-20mph with the right combination of motor/prop. The shaft angle on the model turned out to be the same as the 1:1 due to space constraints.
Hi xx29l9,

As the water isn't scaled down like the model, it's always going to perform different, hence the need to adapt the model to it's working environment.

Changing the propshaft angle to as shallow as possible is one of them, adapting the underwater hull, so the model will actually get on the plane, is another.

Not knowing the original boat 'in the flesh', I can't tell you if the underwaterhull needs to be altered, see how she runs.

The propshaft angle may be an issue, pushing the bow down can't be counteracted with the distribution of weight, as each boat has a CoG you can't mess about with too much, without ruining the running attitude.

I'll keep an eye on this thread to see how you fair, once it hits the water.

Good luck!
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