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Originally Posted by blacknoise View Post
Reading this review really sold me on the HK450 as a viable clone. Thus, I actually bought two kits, one to fly and the second for parts. Electronics wise, I went with your exact setup with one exception, I purchased HK 922MG servos for cyclic.

Though, for those considering this clone kit, let me shed some light on how my experience differed tremendously from this review:

To build:
* I removed every screw/bolt and added thread locker
* Carefully balanced rotor head and blades
* Visually inspected all parts

An here is what happened when this carefully setup heli flew:
* Multiple screws have stripped, requiring replacement
* During the second ever attempt to hover the feathering shaft threading gave way, shooting the rotor blades with grips still bolted across my yard at 2700RPM nearly injuring me
* The motor pinion was poorly milled, leaving sharp fins that ground down main gears until I finally replaced it with an Align pinion
* On 11th flight, the first Go-Teck tail sevo fried causing a minor crash
* Bearings in the tail box were so soft they deformed, caused vibration I blamed on the shaft, causing hours of trouble-shooting
* Eventually, the tailbox bearings sheered the raceway casing, wrapping up in the belt and destroying most of the tail parts
* A second Go-Teck servo fried and died within 1 hour of flight
* Two tailbooms have sheered in flight due to defective manufacturing, but aided by the bearing vibration
* Bearings in the main rotor head have worn out after about 80 mins of flight

Total, this heli has flown no more than 80minutes, has never been in a serious crash, yet has now cost me well over $500 when you add in parts. Most importantly, I have spent nearly 100 hours assembling, repairing, tuning, and researching all the problems. In my experience at least, this HK450 has been a nightmare. As a result, I would certainly not recommend this product.
I've read some similar horror stories based on the belt-driven version. I went into this review fully expecting the same; I've been pleasantly surprised so far. However, mine went up again yesterday for some forward flight and still no problems. Everything's still holding together well. My assumption is the models either come from two different manufacturers or HK was growing leery of any product liability issues and either switched manufacturers or improved the QC.

However, should something fail, you will all be the first to know. I'm no cheerleader for any manufacturer or distributor. This is a review and not an advertisement and I have no qualms about posting something negative.
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