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Originally Posted by SU-4ever View Post
Thanks for the info!

Here goes my recomended setups for this bird since it has no canards:

What are your thoughts about it?

It would use ailerons and TV for roll (gyro on both); tailerons and TV as elevators, rudders and TV for yaw (gyro for them both too) and another gyro for pitch on tailerons or TV depending on the likes of each one. The rudders could also be "turned on" to work as elevator at certain moments to do aerobatic maneuvers involving high angles of attack.

(This is planned to be set up on a Futaba T8UP Tx)
Too many gyros The TV doesn't need the independend gyro control. It would just match the pitch feed to the tailerons.
Also the Ailerons are fixed together to no flapperon option.
But you're quick though on the useful graphics. I forget which radio you are using and thought to post to you the config for the rudder. But you beat me to it.

An external mix of pitch and rudder but you only want this active on a switch and with a expo curve to pull in at the top end of a hard pull back of the sticks.

The afore hard pitch up is good for cobras but is different from air brakes which req the rudders in, countering that pitch up by the tailerons down and the ailerons in spoiler up. Thats a very different set of mixes and would need a good radio to sort it out. Still wrapping my noodle around it. My radio's are 9 channels so I set flapperon, external the tailerons (Elv and Mix Ail to Aux channel). The TV will require 4 mixes and the rudder braking can be on another mix. Thats 6 mixes which many radios have as a limit.
At this point it depends on the radio I guess but you're on the right track.

Ok you added as I was writing. I'd keep gyros on the flight surfaces first and slave them to the TV where you can is my thinking. Thrust varies meaning you could throttle down making gyro corrections null. The flight surfaces are usually in control unless in a stalled state so I'd rather the gyros counter the TV by the surfaces or with direct input....
8 channel radio????? I'd external the mix of the yaw and pitch for the rudders in with a programmable mixer so that the pitch input only engages rudders in or braking near full deflection. The Desert SM2 mixer can be programmed this way. That releaves the need of a dedicated 8th channel to control the rudder braking. You then can rededicate the 8th channel to flapperons.
Just talking out load at this point and I have never had a Futaba so not sure of all the details pertaining to that radio.
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