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Originally Posted by neversommer View Post
Hi max

Haven't seen you in a while buddy.
How you doing ?

There is a lot more to come for end of the year/2012.
Both Foamie and Composite

Some things people may have been waiting for

Hey NS. Been happy with the EF2K. Just been waiting till as I guessed Freewing came out with this design and hopefully the T-50/SU-50.....
So Freewing is continuing to make jets contrary to the rumour started that they were going to stop or pause jet design production?

Either way very happy they made this one. Very curious how they setup the tailerons mechanically since there are not very many telling shots. You know I prefer full moving stabs but like you still have concern that they are made sturdy.
I'm also still trying to figure out why 11 servos? where 10 should do, even 9.
2 tailerons
2 ailerons
2 rudder
1 steering
1 TV Yaw
2 TV Pitch/Roll

What do they have the last servo doing unless the nozzles are for enough apart to need two TV Yaw servos....

With the Euro I found you can drop the steering servo by connecting pull pull cables to the TV Yaw Servo. The SU35 swings the nose gear forward but it still can be easily setup.

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