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Originally Posted by stardustertoo View Post
Whatever. We tried logic in the last thread, me and a bunch of other guys. All we got back from you was constant contradictions. You would say 2 different and opposite things in the same post. You would not answer anyone else's questions, or explain your "logic".

Done. I will admit, I did have fun. I may not have convinced you to open up your mind a bit, but at least if someone if someone else looks at this thread who truly does want to learn the whole lift story, they will see my post and realize that there is a whole lot more to the story than what you are trying to shove down everyones throat.
Here's my contradictions you speak of ...

An object cannot have lift without throwing air down.
The direction of the thrust vector (which can be lift, if the thrust is down) follows (opposes) the final output direction of the air being ejected by an object.

Now - try to prove either statement wrong.

NOTE: Here's the link to the helicopter experiment, showing Bernoulli cannot lift a copter alone ...
Tim Green is online now Find More Posts by Tim Green
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