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Originally Posted by kaz1104 View Post
The 2836 low kv ones look pretty good, and the way the shart is, makes them good for a y6. I was actually pretty surprised ... i normally look to a motor around 900 - 1100 kv. The 750 kv motor seemed to have plenty of lifting power and hovers a fairly heavy quad at around 1/2 throttle. Maybe the higher kv motors are not actually able to spin the 10x4.7 props at any greater rpm than the 750 kv ones ... interesting. Also curious are the next step 35mm motors. I guess their weight kinda rules them out for smaller quads. Some of the short but 35mm diameter ones are getting close though.
I think the 3530/14 looks like a good deal @73g and 1100g of thrust

I understand that working out the lifting power goes pretty much like this, Quad copter with 4 motors add the max thrust together of all motors , so in the case of the above motor

4400g of thrust, so if the copter including the camera gear comes in at around 2200g in theory the copter will hover at around half throttle?

If that is the case with a quad and I assume a X config hex and octo, but with a Y config hex where thy seem to run in a coaxial type set up are you still adding all 6 motors together?
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