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Looking good Murman... nice idea for skids too. My buddy likes to land his on the road and it works well for him, though he's got a balsa box around his pack. I used to tape pieces of plastic packaging to my packs when I landed on the road.

Since then I have realized mine's just too light to get damaged tumbling in the weeds, until a pylon jumped in front of it and took it down 2 weeks ago. I was asking for it... a buddy called out that I was starting to cut my turns too sharp a couple laps before I hit it. The sights & sounds of it hitting that pole were easily worth the 1/2hr repair time.

BTW, those nano 850's are performing! Now I can't wait for them to release a 45C 850.


[edit: I just put my AR on the scale after crash repairs: 3.83oz AUW

This is with a Medusa 4200Kv 12mm inrunner, Rhino 3s360, Plush 6, 3020hd, Orange 4ch, and pair of HXT-500's. I did everything I could to lighten it up after repairs, like shortening wires, replacing heatshrink with kapton tape... it was 4.0oz before the crash LOL!
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