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Originally Posted by vienquach View Post
For example, the APC produced 4660g of thrust consuming 1431W of power @ WOT --> that looks like the whole power system was really suffering in efficiency (3.26 g/W), although it was doing very good at 50% throttle setting (6.1 g/W). I am curious to see what happened in between those two points.

We may be able to run additional throttle points for at least the Torque this week. I gave the props to Frank to try because he has a Torque setup on his 60 inch Extra. Let's see what happens this week. For now, we already have the situation where two people who never met each other, from as far away from each other as humanly possible in the lower 48, came up with results that say that the Xoar does indeed produce more Amps, Watts and Thrust at half and full throttle settings than the APC.

One interesting thing that happened today is that at least four of us at MCRC that own and fly Torque and Motrolfly motors on Extreme Flight Edge and Extra 48 and 60 inch EXP airframes are convinced from the visual tests that the Xoar is, hands down, producing more thrust and load than the APC at the 14x7, 15x8, and 16x8 sizes. We will continue to work on the video so that everyone can see what we are seeing, but that will have to wait for another week.

Another thing to consider is this: If we are generating 23% of the Amps and 68% of the total RPM's at half throttle in two separate test environments, then the probability of achieving a scenario where we have half the Amps and half the RPMs, or ever having a linear relationship between the two at any point setting, seems more and more remote.
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