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Originally Posted by SU-4ever View Post
I love the rudder/brake thing. I would even consider using it for cobra/ high alpha handling.

Are you sure that is the reason for the removal of canards?

I understood that canards were supposed to be a gain for the control of the generation of vortex lift, and an improvement of slow speed attitude more than a gain in total lift.

Thats what the design bureau reported.... Several sources relate this. Wiki,"The new Su-35 omits the canard and speedbrake; to maintain manoeuvrability equal to or greater than canard-equipped fighters, the Su-35 uses the new 117S engine with fully rotating vectoring thrust nozzles."But you are right the canards were used as a fence to reduce the buffeting especially passing 120* but thats because you are trying to manuever greater amounts of weight. With the greater use of Aluminium-Lithium and Titainium the weight reduction allowed even better performance with their newer flight control system that included the FCS's use of the Rudders for these hard pitch up manuevers. The F22 and F35 are configured to do the same along with the F/A-18 E/F etc.
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