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Finished the build of a red Bandit this evening. iPAS system, cf spinner, Vox 14x7, no vortex generators.

Empty weight is 37.1 oz, with a PA 2200mah 3S battery the AUW is 43 oz.

To get a 100mm cg with the 2200mah battery I used a E-flite 40a Pro esc (62 grams) mounted as far forward under the motor mount as I could. Extended the 2 esc power leads by about 4" in order to connect the battery to the esc.

Even with the extra weight, the battery extends well forward of the frame....the battery strap is about 1 1/2" from the end of the battery.

Maiden maybe tomorrow if the weather stays dry as is predicted. Need to balance the prop and check things over for the umpteenth time.

If I feel comfortable with the balance after a few flights I may replace the E-flite esc with the Quantum 45a (much lighter weight, 36 grams with lengthened servo wire.) AUW with the lighter Quantum would be about 42 oz....the weight in the manual.

I'm flying this plane for sport and to learn aerobatics, then some 3D....should be fun!!!
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