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Thanks, Darren. Bottom line is this is not a simple thing to do unless you know what you are doing.

It's not for the ordinary modeler who is not also an electronics hobbyist I would think.

There are however quite a few people following this thread who would be very interested in the final design of version 5 though if you can find the opportunity to get them. Sounds like a fairly straightforward oscillator set to a frequency that keeps the motherboard happy but, as always, the devil is in the detail. I'm assuming the thermal health of the PS is now entirely in your hands. That is, you control the fan speeds manually but there is no feedback from any thermal sensor in the power supply?

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Sorry for delay, been busy at new job.

Yes jj604 the introduction of the PWM emulator was the big ticket to the functionality of the power station that I was after. I must say I did have a lot of help from a very knowledgable electronics expert friend of mind in the design of such a circuit. It was also finished up mid summer when I was super busy and don't remember much of the details other than V5 finally works perfectly. Yes it's spliced into ground and replaces signal from the supply fans.

I have enquired to some more details from its creator, but I know he is very busy and I will hear back when things slow down. I do remember the following random info, it was bases on a similar timer to the 555, the frequency was not what was expected when scoped, it was tricky to implement to both supplies given they share a common ground yet had to hook up ground to both and/or independantly...believe opto isolating was the fix, mother board doesn't recognize below aprox. 5500 RPM as indicated by previous resistor posts, these fans r hungry and chew over 1 amp each- thats 55Watts total thus require substantial mosfets/regulators in the controller, the fans get into heavy vibration inducing cavitation from 7 to 9.5K RPM that should be avoided.

I do know I can now dial each of the 4 internal fans now anywhere from 0-11K+RPM, at any time without interrupting the supplies. I have enquired as to the specific shape of wave form and it's frequency, will share if I hear back & he remembers. Sorry for lack of specifics.

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