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Originally Posted by Mode One View Post
I live in a Climate similar to Joe's above, only much colder, more snow and longer cold season duration. I love my Realflight G-5.5 and if you think it's not a way to keep sharp on the sticks, think again. It's not just a toy, it's as close to flying R/C as you can get but not freeze your tookus off doing so in November, December, January, February, March and even into April sometimes.

However, my comments on Realflight weren't so much about it's usefulness, as about the new kind of modeling being done! Some of the models are absolutely fantastic!
Very interesting take on the RealFlight, and the planes that are depicted, and created... and thanks for that link.. I just bought the v5.5 about 6 months ago so my wife, and friends can get some stick time.. and I'm a big fan of it, and it does just what need.. and in my experience, I totally is the closest thing to actually flying there is on the market.

It doesn't replace the feeling of being out in the outdoors, and all that goes with that... nor does it smell like your favorite glue and balsa... but it's definately a very worthy tool in keeping in decent practice, and honing new manuevers....

The perspective of creating models.. most designs are created digitally and have been for many years.. on many various programs...but I've not thought of the sim as a form of "media" for modeling/creating purpose.... as much as a replication form... hmm.. I've got to look into that.
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