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Since buying my first helicopter, a Schluter Cobra, in about 1972, I've been aware that 'quality' is subjective. For example, all the gears from motor to tail were steel then. The torque drive was steel, 5mm diameter.

Now we have plastic gears and rubber belts.

But if they do the job, fine. And driving down costs is what makes it easier for more people to join us flying. More sales drives down cost for all.

As to the kit presented here, as with all kits, balsa ones included, a hobbyist will go through the contents of the box and replace pieces that don't look good, or perhaps not fit with a personal preference.

Inexperienced kit builders would be well advised to stick with what is offered, but tap into whatever knowledge is available, avoiding if possible, blind prejudice.

As for ridiculously overpriced watches and handbags (and our gear too), all I can say is that a fool and money are soon parted.
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