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Hey Michael !!!! Great review!!! Very thorough ! As per your usual :-)
Here's how to advance the timing : it sounds hard at first, but once you do it, it's really not that hard, so here goes ,,,with battery disconnected from ESC move throttle to full up position, now plug battery into ESC , wait about five seconds until you hear 2 sets of fast ringing tones, this indicates your now in programing mode, once you hear these fast tones move throttle stick to center position , wait five seconds until you hear a single beep, this means your in menu 1, you want to be in menu 3 to adjust motor timing, so with throttle stick still in center just keep waiting until you hear 3 beeps, this will mean your in menu 3, when you hear these 3 beeps advance throttle back up to full, it will now go through the different choices within menu 3,, first you" ll hear 1 beep, which is 5deg timing, you want to keep waiting until you hear 5 beeps in succession which is selection for 25deg timing, once you hear those 5 beeps, move throttle stic back to center,onve you've moved it back to center you'LL hear 2 beeps confirming the programing change, then just unplug your battery and that's it!!! Easy huh???,, if your using the e flite pro 40amp ESC with the blue metal case, you may find it comes stock out of the box with LOW voltage cutoff set to 70% cutoff of starting battery voltage. You"ll know if it's set up this way when you plug battery in and when ESC arms you"ll hear the little song played. I'd highly recommend setting it to 3cell cutoff, and here's why : at 70% cutoff, if your battery is only partially charged , the ESC could cutoff at too low a voltage for your lipo and damage it. Sooooo,,,,rto change programing to 3 cell cut off,just like above proceedure, with battery unplugged, move throttle stick up to full ( just like before ) no plug in your flight battery, wait 5 secs until you hear the 2 sets of fast tones, now move stick to center position, wait 5 secs, you"ll first hear 1 beep meaning menu 1, now quickly move stick back up to full, after a couple seconds first thing you" ll hear is 3short beeps indicating 3cell cutoff, if you keep on waiting it"ll go next to 4 short beeps, indicating 4 cell cutoff, and it"ll keep on going on down the line. But you" want first selection of 3short beeps, so as soon as you hear those 3short beeps move stick immediately back to center, where it"ll then beep twice indicating successful completion of programing. To confirm, just unplug flight pack, move throttle back to zero throttle position and plug flight pack back in, you should now hear 3 short tones when it's arming instead of the little song.
Hey MIchael,,, I had a GREAT time flying with all you guys out there, I'm already planning on attending your event out there in 2012. Great bunch of guys!!! Really enjoyed meeting all of you!! I especially enjoyed that formation flying with Jeff and the guy flying the cargo plane,, that was a HOOT !!!!
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