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I told you I was looking into it. I am looking into it.

It is state-of-the-art controller, there is very little trivial about it, other than the simple fact that I know how to activate the shutter control on most all cameras. The software is very sophisticated to allow for the auto-set feature, and that is a first in camera controls.

How many people would use the zoom feature? How many people use simple camera's without zoom capabilities?

I am not trying to get in a fight with you John, but try to see my perspective for a bit. I want to make all my customers happy (you too! ) but when I start adding features that only 10% of people would have a use for, 90% or my customers are getting extra size that they did not want or pay for. If I made this a piggy-back PCB (like I am doing with the LMA) it might make sense as an option you could select on ordering. I am looking into how it can be done and if it is worthwhile. I appreciate your suggestion, but I need to decide whether or not it is worthwhile for my customers, or size-effiecient.

I really need to know how many people you think would use the zoom feature. What camera are you using? I wonder if the zoom button can even be hacked like the shutter button could.

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