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Re: garris2's post above, I agree that it would be nice to have a way to maintain Option A menu control while also having a way to control the guardian gain in flight, as I prefer navigating the menus using Option A.

However, if it comes down to a choice I'd pick the guardian control with Aux2. The way I have my guardian control set up is no stabilization on switch pos 0 and mid-stabilization on switch pos 1. I want this in the event the guardian ever comes loose or malfunctions in flight, then I have a way to override it (i.e. turning it off). I don't like to mess around with the menu in flight, as I have crashed before while doing this - so for me it's OK to have a slightly more clumsy menu navigation system if it means I can have active control over the guardian gain.

Also - if I'm understanding the system correctly, the "Stabilizer Overall Gain" menu setting takes over during RTH, and in non-RTH mode, the Aux2 active setting takes precedence - is this correct? And if so, is the "Stabilizer Overall Gain" setting used during the RTH Carlyle method test?
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