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Originally Posted by grumpy42 View Post
If I am reading this correctly, it seems that your are writing the telemetry data in "real time". It seems that it it would make more sense buffer the data and perform periodic writes.
Yes and no. Without getting into the various technical aspects, early on I made a quick streaming tool for testing telemetry that pointed out a need for significantly more work if it were to be productized for the DX7s/DX8 platform. The DX10t has a faster processor that does not have the same limitations, so enabling it in the baseline product was a non-issue.

As for buffering, that's actually how the file system works.

That is unfortunate. I would also be content with a module that plugs into the telemetry module and records to either internal memory a MicroSD card. Perhaps a external receiver that records telemetry data (not the STi since not everyone owns a compatible product).
You won't be content, then you couldn't be "grumpy" any more! You'd have to change your screen name

There are people who have figured out how to add their own module into their DX8 to record the telemetry data to a card in the similar manner as others did for Hitec.

So, if the DX10t gets logging then there is no "technical" reason that the DX8 can't support logging.
There is, as noted above.

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