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Hey MSelig,
Some questions for myself & help any others like myself who are in need of assistance & hopefully, some illumination to make the rc sims easier to grasp the complexities of all the features & options incorporated with the rc sim programs.

I'm an 'ol-timer rc enthusiast(back into it 3yrs ago) & now, totally retired, have much more time to enjoy my passion to fly. I'm not the most PC technical adept as far as all the programming parameters involved with a PC & the programmable Tx's, although, I am learning gradually.

I do a lot of homework regarding any purchase I make to examine any issues & solutions per application. Since I do a lot of PC Combat Sim's as I'm an 'ol WWII buff & have a passion for the warbirds of WWII, I do have a half-dozen warbirds in the 800-1400mm range. I love flying them along with all my other planes. All my planes are electric powered. I have a new, smokin', dedicated computer just for the flight sims & rc sims; Win7/64, Azus quad-core 3.3ghz, 4gbRam, 820gb hd, NVidia 620 1gb, 26" Azus LCD. I have Phoenix V3, just ordered Realflight6, & would like FSOneV2 since it is touted to be the best for fixed wing.

Reading this thread from the beginning to comprehend the entire gamut of queries, I am having reservations to purchase as there appears a lot of issues that had to be addressed & appears still many issues that require present & future upgrade necessities. I sent in an E-mail query regarding Tx's supported & the response was in "chinglish" & not quite a clear, concise answer & expected. So, I will post my queries in this response to get some clarity.

1) I have (2) Tx's.... FSTH9X & Turnigy 9X that are identical as I presume made at the same factory. They both have the same female receptacle at the rear that I presume are for a buddy-box and/or sim connectivity. I don't see the sim cable for these units on your website. If there are, which part #?

2) I also have a "Rolls-Royce" Multiplex Evo 12...... cable for it available??????

3) Does the FSOneV2 have such planes(electric) as the Bixler/Hawksky, 800-1400 warbirds, Cub, Mr.Mulligan, & other "lazy" fliers?

4) It appears this sim leans more towards the 3d genre planes & there are many of us that are not interested in that particular flight character. Will more additional models of the "lazy" type planes be available for download?

Thank you for input & your information regarding future enhancements/additions/upgrades.....

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