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Originally Posted by racerxky View Post
I want mine to:
  • Cut paint masks for spraying giant scale fiberglass parts
  • Cut long curved pieces of covering for complicated wing a fuselage schemes (thinks I would NEVER contemplate doing by hand).
  • Cut my own scale lettering and graphics in vinyl.
  • Cut vinyl for foamy schemes.

Accuracy over a distance about the length of a 35% fuse (7') is important to me. The ability to do fine detail such as very small lettering is important. I know from experience that the ability to adjust the cut pressure (very little pressure is required) is important for doing covering material.

Speed is something I dont care about at all. I can wait, im not making lots of parts, this is not for a business.

I read some negative comments about the the cheap USCutter machines ability to do long runs accurately. Have you tried to make anything particularly long with yours?
I would not try to do lettering smaller the 1/4". "weeding" things so small is a royal pain. i have been able to adjust the pressure quite well. it is electronic on the front panel. Covering might be tough in that I have found monocoat to separate from the backing pretty quickly. Ultracoat might be better. The biggest problem is keeping it aligned on long runs if you have a material that stretches or can torque. Sign vinyl has a lot less stretch than model covering but it isn't heat shrinkable. it is also significantly thicker than covering so you will have an edge when layering. You need to align the material well for long runs. the longest I have done is 6' and i got it first try but you need to put the material in and then advance it forward and back until the edge doesn't "walk" down the alignment marks. The SignCut software they provided does have the ability to cut from one end to the other across the material in a single pass so you only advance the material in one direction. i didn't see any benefit when i tried it. Mostly I got mine for my own use but i will provide graphics for my kits. I really don't think you are going to be able to adjust it well enough so you can cut covering because if you cut through the covering and backing, it will be all over the place. The feed mechanism is just a single roller with three pinch rollers that you can set along the width to hold it to them. It assumes the material has some "width stability" which covering probably wouldn't
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