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Originally Posted by racerxky View Post
gf == Gram Force per Square Centimetre == g/cm²

So at least thats easily convertible to Pascals. Maybe when they say 'g' they mean the same thing.

now if its inches of mercury then there is a conversion to Pascals so we can compare cutting force in g/cm² which seems like a very sane unit for this.

I'm going to try and add precision (in mm) and cutting force (in g/cm²) for all the models we have looked at so far.
What I have found it a lot of it depends on the dullness of the blade you are using. as it wears you have to increase the pressure. it's not an exact science since the blade holder is spring loaded and the vinyls differ in thickness. Too much pressure and you cut through the backing also. You find the setting for your combination through tests. Through the vinyl but not the backing. As the old saying goes, your mileage may vary
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