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Originally Posted by demonova View Post
no sorry I wasnt planning on changing it in your hex file I need to know what you set it at as default in the arduino sketch it asks you to choose min throttle. like this
/* Set the minimum throttle command sent to the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
This is the minimum value that allow motors to run at a idle speed */
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1300 // for Turnigy Plush ESCs 10A
#define MINTHROTTLE 1120 // for Super Simple ESCs 10A
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1190
you define the parameter that you wish.I also would like to know how to open your hex and be able to read and set parameters.please
Assuming your clocks aren't too far off, MINTHROTTLE 1120 should be fine. What I meant before is that it should start at 1060us, but you'll want it a bit higher so that it's not jittering between on and off. Just download the source from github at (download as zip or download as tar.gz), and then open up "tgy.asm" in an editor, and at the top you'll see the defaults (which haven't changed for a while other than MIN_DUTY).
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