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Transportation cost

Hello there,

regarding the kit price: Keep in mind that it is quite expensive to ship the boxes from China to Switzerland (or elsewhere). And the weight-to-volume ratio is so low that it does not really matter if you ship the kit or the ARF. That means the shipping cost will affect the kit price a lot more than the ARF price.

Also, imagine you are a European vendor and order 20 kits. Then you sell 8. 12 sit in your warehouse and occupy an enormous amount of heated, rented space while you as the vendor hope that the stuff gets moved one day.

I don't think any vendor gets rich by selling these planes. For example, if you look at Lanxiangs Alibaba profile, they say their export volume is less than a million dollars. As most of Lanxiangs production will be exported, that means with the 60-70 people, they have a million or less in turnover per year. That means 15.000$ or less of turnover (not profit!) per person, and that is before ANY materials have been paid for! Not funny.

Or imagine you are a reseller and have to deal with the very large defect rate of these planes. You'll have to deal with the warranty claims and pray for the best, i.e. that the Chinese factory actually will honor the warranty claims, which it very well may not do. That's a nightmare.

So I for one am enormously happy that I'll get a plane with 1,08 meters wingspan, 1,63 meters long, 3kgs of thrust for 348 Euros (including customs, tax and shipping to my door).

Just my 0.02 cents...

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