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Isn't it just a simple marketing-related fact that if you overprice an option the market demands, you have done the obligatory but made sure it wont sell. They appearantly don't want you to buy the kit, they want you to pay for the rtf.

That's all very, very old news. They do it with cars, furniture, even houses in new projects work that way. So, my advice is; deal with it. You dont get the chair to change it by complaining, you get only a say when you organize buyers. And that involves some kind of risktaking...Do it better yourself.

The reason I say this, just in general, not at anyone particular; all threads seem to start out this same way. We are overly happy with the new arrival, complain the hell out of it in price and the stupid choices they made (in our opinion) about fans, motors and esc's and keep on complaining about all little details not being topstandard quality...for almost the first 35 pages...and then finaly the fun part begins.

Waist of time in my opinion. Decide for your own to buy or not. And maybe the veterans here can figure something out to utilize this powerfull medium to create some kind of certification. 'RCGroups Certified'...maybe, just maybe you get a say in production and choices in hardware in the end.

Just my 2c..

And to be completely is not ment to stop any good discussion or debate...;-)
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