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PLD-BESJ5AR: 5A linear regulator with alarm, switchjack, voltage readout, decoupling

This one has been sitting in my "might build" archive for a loooooong time.

It's a 3A or 5A linear regulator with voltage readout and alarm and electronic switchjack.

The 3A/5A difference comes from the selection of the actual regulator chip. The 3A units are a little bit cheaper but will shutdown sooner, the 5A ones are about double the price but give you more headroom. Ultimately at a -constant- current both will shut down from thermal effects before they run out of current ability. MOST R/C flight gear setups however will not be consuming 3 or 5A constantly - most are 0.3~1.0A average.

The back of this unit will have a 21x21mm heatsink attached, this will give us about 6'C/W cooling which means for the "typical" 50'C allowance that's almost 10W of dissipation - or 2V drop @ 5A (eg, 5V from 7V), so we've got a reasonable amount of margin there.

Hoping this one takes off in the market, as it's a nice compact unit, only 50 x 22mm ( 2 x 0.86" ) but should deliver solid power with very low noise.

  • Accepts A123, Lipo, Lilion
  • Extremely low loss switch MOSFET (0.075W loss)
  • Voltage readout via LED
  • Power good LED
  • Dual regulated power output headers, allows for cable failure or higher current delivery to RX or dual RXs
  • Audiable alarm available for Lipo version ( else generic alarm at ~6.2V input below which unit ceases to correctly regulate)
  • super compact, 50x22mm

Will take a single supply in from A123 or Lipo, provides dual outputs

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