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Don't need a ruler-

The next time I can use a ruler to draw a straight line to be cut out will be the first. So far, nothing on this boat is straight, everything has some kind of bend, twist or combination. Keeps it interesting I guess. I cut out and worked on 2 pieces of wood that form the base for the windshield to be mounted on. It may not look like anything special, but the pieces have some complex shaping on them. Awhile back I mentioned adding to triangle pieces under the upper deck piece to provide the correct slant to it, well now these pieces try to cancel that out so the windshield will be a continuous flat edge on its bottom. The outside curve is the thickest point and the wood was sanded thinner as it goes both towards the middle and down the side. And the outside edges are beveled for fun. Also marked out and cut the slots for the fresh air vents, not sure if I will make these actually functional on the model. Maybe, we'll see.
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