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Originally Posted by Wirewolf903 View Post

I love the flaps, I should have done them a long time ago. For just slow trolling looking around or snapping awesome pics flaps are the thing to have. I can land in strong wind without skidding at all with my FPV gear. Most of the video I posted was with the flaps down and u can see how slow it's flying. I'm gonna get that new HK OSD they just started to carry and try it out. Then I'll know what my slowest speed is before stall. With the Co-Pilot II on it pretty much lands itself.

My base station is a work in progress. I'm using two 900 MHz receivers with a range video micro diversity running a DIY Omni and ibcrazy BiQuad. It's rock solid video. I was using a LCD flat screen in the back of my car to see which I liked FPVing better. I have headplay goggles and they work very well. I just don't like not looking around when I'm flying in unfamiliar area. Once this guy walked right up to me for who knows how long before I realized he was there. I don't like that.

I'm in the process of putting everything (ground station) in a pelican case and mounting the flat screen to the inside lid. I'm gonna hate to drill into the lid of my pelican but I don't see another way to secure that heavy LCD screen. I'll post pics once I get her done.
Is there a link to the flaps modification you could share? I couldn't find one...
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