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Originally Posted by crazyj View Post
On my QuadOcta Scarab I run everything off the 4s 2200 battery (E-OSD, VTX, etc). I do get some noise in the video link when the motors are on, but the video is good enough to fly. On the Scarab hexacopter, the six ESCs/motors generate too much RFI so I have to run a seperate 3s 800mah - works great, just annoying that I have to maintain and plugin a second battery.

I've never seen a need to shield the cables - maybe run them away from other parts that generate RFI? Keep them short too, and possibly run them though a ferrite core (o).

Good luck!
So you just over volted the OSD and vTX my vTX says 7-12v, so i dont think 14v will be good for it.

okay, ill do some testing with shielded cables and maybe look to move them

Originally Posted by Dialfonzo View Post
Balance plug.
You can get the voltage you need.
never thought of that.... just tap into 3 cells for 12v, interesting.

Originally Posted by drmgcm View Post
I thought if you used the balance plug, then your cells will not discharge evenly, (Become Unbalanced) which could cause problems in the future with the life of the lipo? or indeed the flight time ?

Just what i had read, but please someone confirm this?

I'd be very interested to hear about that, and how it is done?

All the best

this makes sense.... although the power draw of my vTX is very minimal..... but interesting point.....
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