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Originally Posted by Adidas4275 View Post
I have a quick question for you guys who have moved to 4s, how do you power your video TX?

Mine is 12v so I was looking for a smaller 3s battery to power it, how do I determine how long the lipo can power the vTX?

I have a 200mw vTX could I use a 350mah or 500mah?

Any help would be appreciated?
Where so you mount the battery on the scarab?
On my QuadOcta Scarab I run everything off the 4s 2200 battery (E-OSD, VTX, etc). I do get some noise in the video link when the motors are on, but the video is good enough to fly. On the Scarab hexacopter, the six ESCs/motors generate too much RFI so I have to run a seperate 3s 800mah - works great, just annoying that I have to maintain and plugin a second battery.

Originally Posted by Adidas4275 View Post
i ordered 6 500mah 3s batteries..... they are only 9g heavier than the 350mah and if i go with a more powerful tx later they will still work well.


another question, what do you guys use to shield your video cables?

i am getting some interference that I want to get rid of and thinking of using a USB cable and cutting it down for all my video cabling, since it is shielded
I've never seen a need to shield the cables - maybe run them away from other parts that generate RFI? Keep them short too, and possibly run them though a ferrite core (o).

Good luck!
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