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I did this. Climbed super high in 3D field. Gear up (no gear drag). 'k' to kill the engine to get static prop (no windmill prop drag). Then 'F6' to get right behind the airplane. Pressed keypad + to see L/D.

I'm getting these numbers for max L/D:
11.75 clean
10.5 for about 1/3 flaps
9.2 for 90 deg flaps

In the last case, I know the Cd for the split flaps is 'on the money'. I was flying the 25% scale model.

Ok, I see I'm using Cd (extra bit) of 0.010. I settled on 0.020 for the Extra 260. So maybe the Cd in aero edit needs to go up again. This last Cd increment is a necessary estimate which catches all the extra bits of drag (juncture drag, control horns, etc).
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