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Originally Posted by sidecar53 View Post
Does anyone have a link for instructions to help someone transition from RET to ailerons? I figure it'd be an advantage to read about it before I try to fly one. Thanks again.

sorry i didn't respond to your question sooner.... busy day! anyway, i had a trawl through the beginers section and couldnt find what i was looking for, only plenty of "differences of opinion" about how it all works, so had a look elsewhere.
this link tells you how the individual control surfaces effect your direction of flight, the animated controls at the bottom are neat!

now you know how it works... what does it mean going from RET?

well a lot more fun for a start your RET trainer would have a dihedral wing and be "self righting" in so much that after a gentle turn and the controls returned to neutral it would try to get itself back the right way up.

now you will be rolling the aircraft into a turn with the ailerons (and pulling it through the turn with the elevator) when it is banked over it will stay banked over... you basically put the roll on then take the roll off to re-level the wings

dont be intimidated by this, you will have already been doing this with your RET. as you will have had your rudder servo plugged into your aileron channel (tx stick) anyway, so your thumb should already be tuned in to doing this. just try not to "over-control" it and you will be ok

the "wot next" has very nicely balanced controls and will be ideal for the job, it might help if you could get an experienced flyer to "trim" the model on its test flight so it flys straight and true... hands off

good luck, lets see some photos and let us know how you get on

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