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Originally Posted by larryross View Post
Ya... I would go for white wave less FFF with no prefs. $50.00 sounds good, but remember the outrageous shipping per bundle would make it $80 to $100 per bundle.
With the relatively few scratch builders spread thinly over the country I see little chance of anything affordable happening or even anything at all. Call me a pessimist, but if a company won't make an already manufactured product readily available to us weelllllll.


In my initial contacts with R. L. Adams, If I was purchasing 23 pallets I could have had the foam for cheap enough. 23 pallets is way more than I am capitalized for. The tab would have been about $12,000.00. I believe that whatever we get, it will have to be around $50 per bundle shipped. That is the only way this can be of any value.

However, one of the points that I made to them is that many people live in regions where there product is not part of the building industry. People in Australia for example. Or even out west.

Hopefully this will pan out, but a manufacturing facility has to have a large enough market to make production a profitable effort.

Still hopeful,
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