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EDIT: I guess I should stress also this: Obviously the performance of the gyromixer will depend on the setting for its parameters... most of them are not very crucial and you will not need to touch them at the beginning, however, three of them ARE CRUCIAL, and you should tune them to appropriate values BEFORE you actually start flying, these CRUCIAL PARAMETERS ARE Rate Gain, PID Gain and PID I.

The values which are stored by default had been appropriate for MY lama V4, but clearly they might not and most likely will not be appropriate for YOUR helis. So, what I want to say is that you should spend your first lipo on tuning the above three values first to some appropriate values. It's not about finding the final optimal values, but you should ensure that you are not completely off the track with them.

I hence recommend this, in these steps:
1) Train your BESCs and gyromixer to your transmitter. How to do that is described in post #7, thro range programming mode. Basically you just do exactyl what you would for training your BESCs, now just with everything connected together. Whether you had been successful you can check by looking at the values for the parameters THRO MIN VALUE and THRO MAX VALUE. By default these are 1100 and 1900 us, they should be different now.
2) set the gyromixer to rate mode. In this mode the relevant parameter is Rate Gain
3) now tune Rate Gain exactly as you would do for a CP heli gyro in rate mode. That is, pull thro slowly and try to lift. If the heli waggs reduce the gain. If it doesn't increase gain until it waggs, and then reduce gain again.
4) Once you got airborn fly around wildly, i.e. do pitch pumps, quick turns, etc.. The heli should never wag, under no flying conditions. If it does, reduce Rate Gain a bit and try again. Usually, the heli will have a tendency to wag more easily during quick manoevers, that is, the gain as determined by just hovering is usually a bit to large.
5) Cary over your value for Rate Gain to PID Gain.

Once all this has been done, and all the other parameters have still their default values, you have a basic working setup, and a controlled flying should be possible, and in fact be already fun. Once you got there, you may wish to do the fine tuning.
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