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Do you have a lawn now owen sweet garden must be coming along nicely dose this mean next time I come down I won't break my neck getting to you man cave

Mudlark good thinking on te 5.8 I supper that kind of keeps distance down to a reasonable / legal value. I'm in for Fpv holidays boats cars planes tanks? All sounds good to me

RCM if and when I get my mirage going can I pop up to yourclub on the odd ocation as I will need a nice patch of grass to land on it's king of why I haven't finished it as I can't find any where ear me to fly from. I think it would be worth the trip to be able to take off and land on retracts. I'll do poo clearing for you if that gets me in lol

Like the vid pasty nice flying I need to get my act together andget my quad fixed after my first unsuccessful night flying attempt in the back garden last week inbroke an arm when I clipped the shed. I'll watch your vid again tonight and hopefully it will get me motivated to get in the man cave again ( and not drill my thumb this time)
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