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Originally Posted by TTRotary View Post
Meaning if you needed to throttle up to get out of a bind (e.g. you start to lose control of a low hover and need to fly out of it?)
Well, for my style of flying yes ... but I was assuming you were sport flying it.

I really meant just accelerating for take off, or throttling up for a missed runway pass etc. The higher the pitch, the longer rollout you will need before you reach flight speed on takeoff or the harder you will have to hit the throttle on a go around.

I don't think I could even hover a plane with a 12x12 prop. I was trying to hover a 10 pound plane with a 70" wing span and a APC 20x15 prop. At full throttle it would just barely hover. I primarily used that prop for high speed precision acrobatics. It was also sucking down over 3000 watts at full throttle which would kill the battery pretty quick. I wouldn't hesitate to use it for sport flying though. Even at a 4:3 ratio of diameter to pitch it was pretty soft on takeoff and needed quite a bit of throttle and additional runway. At a 1:1 ratio, I imagine it is an even softer rollout.
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