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Originally Posted by WMitchell52 View Post
Im just getting back into the hobby after 15 years of doing other stuff. I remember seeing an old timer refit or (bash) as we used to call it a Kadet Senior kit into a stand off scale Piper J3. Now that I have the time to build again Im thinking about trying my hand at this modification. It will be nitro as I am not famiiliar with electric at this time. I think he added stringers to the sides of the fuse and wing struts.
Any thoughts on this project, has anyone seen this done before.

Quick question: I havnt been to a hobby shop for years. Is $110 american really the going price for kadet Senior Kit??
its a bloody shame! that with all the bARF's out now, its cheaper ta buy an arf then build a plane! there's just not enough demand on actual kits ta keep the cost down!

the new def. of a kit is something you hafta glue the wings on and add servo's too!

I'mma builder from way back also, but I too have succumb ta the arf thing with my EDF's

depending on how extream ya wanna go! its pretty simple ta turn a kadet inta a tail dragger, and cover it yellow, but if ya wanna go and round off the wingtips and tail surfaces, its a lil more involved!

I think it would be a fun project! grab that kit and get building
whiskykid is online now Find More Posts by whiskykid
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