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Thinking ahead. Again.

While waiting for some wood filler to dry, I thought I better start to see how things will physically fit in the boat. Looks like my guesstimates were about right. There is room for 2 battery packs under the cushions on each side. The motor in the pic is a 550 sized brushed. I am leaning towards a brushless motor to help save space. According to the scale power formula posted by CG Bob in another thread, I need about 151 watts for the model. Which means I will probably look at something in the 400-500 watt range. I will not build an under powered boat! The worst question I could hear "is that all the faster it goes?". I don't feel like trying to explain scale speed to someone. Easier to run at half throttle then try to to re-power later for more speed. Will probably go with 2 LiPo battery packs in place of the NiCads in the pic.
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