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Aurora 9 - Delta / Flying Wing with optional Rudder Airbrakes Program Files

Originally Posted by 1320turbo View Post
Here is the attached file for the Delta wing i am having problems with.
No problem with the file at this end.
Two zip files attached, with all EPA at standard 100% setting and neutral trims.

Please load appropriate file under a new model (reset before upload).
. Open System<[Channel] menu and plug servo into ports as displayed.
. Check full operation of Dual Rates, Airbrakes etc on your model
(The two rudder servos may need to be reversed.)
. Adjust EPA, maximum 120%, if unable to adjust for correct throws mechanically
or by adjusting preset Dual rates, see below.
. EPA, ATV, Dual Rates & Expo Differences & Caution + ESC BEC Set Up and
. Aurora 9 - EPA & T.Limit Difference. may assist

If reported problem still exists, please then select and reload the latest individual firmware,
currently: Aurora V1.08(1), Spectra Module V3.01(0) & Optima V2.02(0).
Hitec RCD Support - Firmware Updates

Aurora 9 - Preset mode 1 & mode 2 Programs files for:

. Stryker F27Q includes Dual Rudder Airbrakes On/Off
Also suitable for most other Delta/Flying Wings

Airbrakes are set on LS with On/Off governed by switch G.
. Left slider to be in upper position, activates rudder airbrakes when pulled down.
. Switch G activates mixes On/Off which will be always active if set to Null under
P.Mixes 1 & 2
(click the switch [SW-G] icon < [SEL] < [Null].
. Reverse (or change) servos to get the proper directions and travel
(most likely need to reverse either both rudder or the other servo depending upon brand of servo).
. Ensure OST (under both [P.Mix] allows the line to start in the middle so the servos
will stay centred and work as normal with the slider in the up position.

Dual rates all set on switch D.
(To separate, open Dual Rate menu select <elevator <switch & change to switch A.)
. UP = High Rates
. Down = Low Rates
These, set for one model here, may need adjusting to suit the mechanical linkage
for each individual model so as to achieve recommended throws for each model.

Expo is set relatively soft, adjust to meet personal preference.

Aileron > Rudder Mix - To actuate for auto co-ordinated turns:
. Switch on > select [Model] > [Ail->Rud] > [ACT] - defaults to 30% L&R. % can be adjusted in need..

Alan T.
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